1. International Top Up

International Top Up is a prepaid airtime minute transfer service to the phones of family and friends living internationally. People living in regions of North America, Europe & the Middle East can send airtime minutes to the phones of family and friends back home in countries in Africa, Latin America & Asia.


2. Top Up of Prepaid Airtime within the US and Canada

Top Up is not just restricted to international phones, but airtime minute transfers can be made within the US as well. Relatives and friends can gift minutes to any mobile number within the United States of America and Canada


You do not need a computer. You will only need your telephone to do so.

Before you can use our Global Mobile Top-Ups solution you will need to be a customer first by signing up for our PinLess solution.


3. How to use Mobile Top-Ups


  1.  Call Your Access Number

  2. Then enter * #

  3. Then choose option 3








Email: Contact@mingocall.com

Phone Numbers:

  1. USA: 410-951-9731

  2. Canada: (514)-667-5868

  3. UK: (44) 0208150375

  4. France: (33) 0172774377


3438 Emmorton Rd, suite 30

Abingdon, MD 21009